Dog Socialization

It does not matter if you have just got a new adult dog a now-adult dog you have had from a puppy. You may be facing various issues and worries about their behavior. Therefore he will benefit from some dog socialization help. You might not be sure where you should start. Therefore I have a complete schedule to get you organized and start socializing your dog.

dog socialization

While it is true that training your dog is going to take time, patience, and plenty of positive reinforcement, you can be sure that the investment is well worth it. Your dog will be a very happy and well-adjusted member of your family.

A well-trained and friendly dog is obviously a more enjoyable family dog. But dogs with good manners also are less of a risk to humans and other dogs. So this leaves you more time to enjoy your dog.

What to expect from me with Dog Socialization

My visit can include help with many issues you may be having. Such as:

  • ‘fear with other dogs’
  • ‘over-friendly with other dogs’
  • ‘dog reactivity off lead’
  • ‘dog reactivity on lead’

As well as going through the dog socialization session with you I will always begin with going through your dog’s ‘genetic’ and ‘breed’ history. This is because these things can affect how your dog behaves. Therefore we can change the way we approach training and the best methods to suit you.

dog socialization

I can provide you with a lot of other helpful information you might need. This includes my recommended dog foods, dog toys and suitable dog chews. My training is tailored to suit your specific dog and his needs.

I am always available over the phone or email after our initial meeting for any questions or concerns you may have.

My 2 hour training session is usually enough to get every dog owner started. However follow up visits are available if needed.

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